The worldwide pandemic has put a halt to all of my work. I cannot take on new clients/jobs at the moment because of quarantining. Unfortunately things won’t be back to “normal" for a while even after the quarantine period, however I am happy to offer family portraits from safe distances after this period is over. Because my main employment has been newborn photography in hospitals, I have been trained in keeping things safe for everyone. However, even with that experience, it is likely that social distancing will be a necessity for some time to come. 

If you are interested in safe distanced family portraits once quarantine is over, please contact me to discuss details. I would charge a mini-session fee ($125) for 15 minutes of shooting, digitals included. The location would be an outdoor one- a park, your front steps, or backyard.

Please remember to find the positive, be silly, focus on family, catch up on YOU time, continue a hobby or learn something new. 


These are the people I am quarantined with- the loves of my life.

I took this photo the week before Easter, after noticing how pretty my neighbor's tree was. 


Wishing you health and happiness!


It's Saturday, May 2nd. The trees at the park where I intended to do my spring mini sessions are blooming. I've waited a year to experience these blooms, so in lieu of doing portraits of others I photographed my children there. It's was as dreamy as I had imagined. My husband said being there was like being in a Monet painting. My eldest daughter talked about how she appreciated being there more so than before the pandemic. I brought their masks to wear, but there was no one there, so for most of the photos they didn't need to wear them. Please enjoy the gallery: Pandemic in the Spring